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Faro Ultrasonic Cleaner Linda

Faro Ultrasonic Cleaner Linda

£680.00 Ex VAT


LINDA is the new FARO ultrasonic cleaner that guarantees a secure and effective wash, obtaining in a short time a deep clean even in those areas difficult to reach manually.

Advanced technology

LINDA is equipped with a brand new generator that incorporates a special ultrasonic oscillator with Sweep System technology that allows to:
  • reduce washing times;
  • prevent damage to delicate parts;
  • improve cleaning results

Sweep System

The Sweep System technology generates a variable oscillation of ultrasound frequencies between 38 and 40 kHz; ultrasonic waves are therefore evenly distributed to achieve even more uniform cleaning. 
Sweep System

Easy to use

The presence of the timer (which allows to program the treatment time up to 15 minutes) and the thermostat heating to 60°C make LINDA clear and easy to use.

Accessories and availability

Available in 3 and 6-litre versions, both in stainless steel with standard drain and tap, LINDA is equipped as standard with:
  • a cover in stainless steel;
  • a rectangular instrument basket in electro-polished stainless steel wire mesh;
  • a glass-holder support in electro-polished stainless steel wire mesh;
  • 2 glasses with support ring.


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